PK 212.5    Lock (Ariège) There are ‘slidey poles’ but they are positioned at the extreme ends of the écluse, close to the gates. To give you a little insight and inspiration, we have prepared a short itinerary for you to stroll along the Canal du Midi, a 7-day river cruise from Carcassonne to … A brief history. Small shop/boulangerie, restaurants, superb Mairie overlooking the canal. The middle bridge is the one you have just come through. It’s well worth spending at least one day sightseeing whilst you're here. This amazing engineering project opened the way to new economies. From Toulouse to the Seuil de Naurouze (53 km northwest of Carcassonne). Turn south and go downstream for 800m (past possible bank-side river moorings) until within sight of the Agde weir, then turn right into the canal – high grassy banks but a timber waiting pontoon outside Agde’s ‘round lock’. PK 202.0    Canal narrows, one-way traffic (except for small boats) Maximum authorised length 30 m, beam 5.45 m. The locks have an unusual oval shape on plan, but the walls are vertical. The port has recently (late 2011) been taken over by the municipality of Ramonville and there are plans to rehabilitate and enhance facilities. Very pretty village and bridge. The chapel dome of Hôpital de La Grave is reflected in the Garonne River. On the Canal du Midi, Bram France is the Largest, Concentric Circular town in Europe To walk off our lunch, we walked into the town of Bram, about 1.5 kilometres away from the canal along a … Éclusier. PK 104.6    Footbridge PK 231.3    Agde bridge, Canalous Plaisance hire base, basin, quay u/s r/b for 15 boats, water, town centre 800m r/b. PK 102.3    Bridge (D6161, Carcassonne ring road). english version. The Canal du Midi revolutionised waterborne transportation and the overall flow of traffic in the South of France of the Ancien Régime. PK 226.4    Vias bridge (Pont Vieux), moorings d/s r/b, 8 boats, water, electricity, village 1200m l/b. PK 24.9    Deep lock (Montgiscard), footbridge. PK 11.5    Ramonville marina r/b, with dry dock, night €12.79, water, electricity. Blagnac Airport is 3.1 … some of the locks drop over 15 feet. Canal du Midi travelers' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours. The idea to link the Atlantic to the Mediterranean via a canal, to avoid pirate raids in the Strait of Gibraltar on one hand and to shorten the long trade route on the other hand, had first been thought about by the Romans, then envisaged by Charlemagne, Francois I and Henri IV.But Béziers-born Pierre-Paul Riquet pulled off the feat of building … These included: Pézenas, Narbonne, Minerve, Capestang, and Carcassonne. By the bridge, a romanesque arch and colonnade fronts a vineyard estate. Canal du Midi is a hasty work executed with fluid paint, but not with the broken stroke that is found in other pictures that Matisse did in that period. A very pleasant walk or bike ride down the side canal (towards Narbonne) to pretty Sallèles d’Aude village for provisions. Most of the time there is merely a background buzz, sometimes it is lost entirely, but in a couple of places it is very noticeable. It’s a 360 km network of waterways linking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through 328 structures, including locks, bridges, and tunnels. This caused a national outcry and comprehensive – somewhat inauthentic in places – restoration began. Delightful lock-side restaurant La Rive Belle. A fairly thin stream running between gravel banks, you will surely be taken aback by the plaques on the south side of the bridge recording winter flood heights – 10 m above the summer low water level. Minimum lock dimensions were 30.00 by 5.50m. Boulangerie in the village, up the hill. PK 6.1    Basin l/b (Basin de Radoub) Suggested quiet mooring, but looks narrow and depth uncertain. The canal was built between 1666 and 1681, under the reign of Louis XIV. Rising in the historic city of Toulouse, this is the country's most famous canal. The skipper may have to throw the bow line to the crew, as well as the stern. PK 160.9    Ventenac d’Aude bridge, quay u/s l/b, village l/b. On average, 3-star hotels in Canal du Midi cost $90 per night, and 4-star hotels in Canal du Midi are $132 per night. The … The trains are quite frequent, but easily ignored. PK 28.1    Deep lock (Ayguesvives), footbridge. The Canal du Midi, designed and built by Pierre-Paul Riquet in 1662-1681, is a remarkable work of engineer­ing, justifying its inclusion in the Unesco world heritage list in 1996, and one of the most popular cruising waterways in France. PK 5.1    Bridge (Saint-Sauveur or Montaudran), PK 5.0    Basin (Port Saint-Étienne) Canal du Midi Cruises & Boating Rentals | Le Boat Above, the Oppidum d’Enserune is an ancient hill settlement, occupied for 500 years up to 100ad – magical, but a very stiff walk up from the canal. The Canal du Midi is a 240 km long canal that in its time (late 17th century) was a great engineering achievement. (Photo: The city's Musée des Augustins is a fine arts. Canal du Midi and Canal de Garonne The Canal du Midi Sète Toulouse The Garonne Canal from Toulouse to Montech The channel of the Robin The Canal du Rhône in Sète Lez The Petit Rhône Canal d'Arles to Bouc The Etang de Thau This practical and comprehensive guide of 95 pages (A4 format) contains information to prepare a channel surfing du Midi. This is a must-have compact travel guide to the Canal du Midi, a picturesque waterway in Southern France, popular for boating trips and holidays. This stretch is wide and an excellent place to moor bank-side; far-reaching views to the south. PK 51.6    Lock (Océan), bridge, end of summit level Once moored, a button is pressed once more to empty/fill the chamber, etc. Big hire boat base with craned lift-out, possibly fuel (?). Béziers. A busy place. Customizable Canal Du Midi bike tours. A brief history . This route continues in one direction to Sète / Thau Basin (in the Languedoc-Roussillon region) and in the other direction, via the Canal des Deux Mers Greenway, as far as Bordeaux (Aquitaine region). Beside the staircase of locks is the ‘water slope’ or pente d’eau, built 9 years after the prototype at Montech, to slide 38-metre péniches between the upper and lower levels. PK 154.8    Roubia bridge, quay d/s l/b, water, village l/b PK 191.7    Bridge (Trézilles), D11 PK 210.0    Lift bridge on industrial railway siding, disused (remains open) PK 108.8    Double staircase lock (Fresquel), quay d/s l/b After that follow the Canal de la Robine all the way to the center of Narbonne. Interesting and peaceful spot to stay for a day or so, by the étang but also quite near the big beaches to the south at Marseillan-plage. —    115 bis, rue des Amidonniers, 31000 Toulouse (PK 0-76) Are … The works, which consisted essentially in lengthening the existing lock chambers, were completed from Toulouse to Baziège (PK 28) and from Argens (PK 152) to the Étang de Thau, including the entire branch to Port-la-Nouvelle, and the navigable dimen­sions in these sections increased accordingly. PK 58.7    Triple staircase lock (Laurens), bridge PK 206.9    Six-lock (formerly eight-lock) staircase (Fonserannes). There are practically no B&Bs or tourist accommodation near the Canal. PK 218.3    Lock (Portiragnes), bridge, village 400m l/b First/last lock on the Midi. PK 107.9    Bridge (D118) PK 83.6    Aqueduct (Rebenty) PK 136.0    Bridge (disused) PK 50.2    Bridge (A61, Autoroute des Deux Mers) A flat-screen TV is featured. PK 133.4    Double staircase lock (Aiguille), bridge. Flexible cancellation or change Houseboat BOOM Péniche (1894, refit 2013) 98.42 feet Skipper included in the price. Hiring your own cruising boat is an ideal way to explore and experience the pleasures and treasures that the French waterways have to offer. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. PK 151.3    Port de plaisance (Port Occitanie) through bridge l/b, Locaboat hire base, night €13.50, diesel (on request), water, electricity, shower, crane 10t, picnic area This écluse has been modernised into a single (oval shape) from the old double; it is quite deep (4m+). Self parking costs EUR 9.50 per night. Follow me and discover a majestic man-made construction/work, 240 km in length, which links the West and the East, Bordeaux to Sète : ‘Le Canal du Midi’, also known as the ‘Canal des deux Mers’, the Canal of the two Seas. Slipway at the far end. Comprehensive detailed navigational information, km by km, Sete west to Toulouse. PK 95.9    Bridge (Rocles), Pezens 1500m l/b Both have water and electricity; the capitainerie (also the local VNF office) is by the port. There are quayside moorings here, but it is bounded by busy roads. University of Toulouse. Two entrances (chains across) with an island between that would make an excellent, very safe overnight mooring. They have ‘slidey poles’ (near the ends) to which you’ll need to attach both bow and stern lines. The Canal du Midi, a silky pale green liquid ribbon that meanders, connecting the Mediterranean port city of Sète to Toulouse is one of the most notable and oldest inland waterways of Europe still in use. If you walk back along the canal beware of the cyclists that you’ll share the path with. PK 0.2     Railway bridge A number of bankside moorings, also a timber pontoon with water. PK 0.0     Junction with main line of Canal du Midi at round lock (PK 231.4), bridge Under a royal edict of October 1666, Jean-Baptiste Colbert gave permission for the construction work to start. The water in the eastern part of the canal is supplied by the Reservoir de St Ferréol, so the water flows in the canal from near Castelnaudary east to the Mediterranean and from Castelnaudary west to Toulouse. PK 208.4    Deep lock (Béziers), dry dock. PK 157.6    Paraza bridge, quay u/s l/b, water, village l/b The maximum authorised draught is 1.80m. PK 25.0    Montgiscard quay l/b, village 300m beyond main road PK 57.5    Double staircase lock (Roc) PK 91.2    Villesèquelande bridge, village 600m l/b. It is one of the oldest canals in Europe with 65 locks and it was engineer and salt tax collector Pierre-Paul Riquet who initiated the construction of the canal in 1665. PK 235.3    Lock (Bagnas) PK 80.3    Lock (Bram) Good quayside moorings (with services), restaurants; a new pontoon west of the bridge. A major hire boat base with facilities potentially available for outside use – repairs, crane, etc. PK 56.6    Lock (Méditerranée), bridge, beginning of summit level The Pont Neuf arch bridge dates back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Hire boats come in different sizes, to suit a couple, a family or you and your friends, and your ‘hands on the wheel’ holiday can be arranged from start to finish by any of the reputable companies to be found on 2016 marks the 350th anniversary of the royal decree authorising Riquet to build the canal, and the 20th anniversary of the world heritage listing. 4-chamber staircase, closes 20 minutes earlier. Here, the Canal du Midi spans the Orb River as an aqueduct (pictured) called the Pont-canal de l'Orb, claimed to be the first of its kind. It's therefore an ideal place to drop anchor in and explore. PK 147.2    Stop lock (Ognon), footbridge PK 147.1    Double staircase lock (Ognon), aqueduct d/s The magnificent 13th-century Church of the Jacobins is celebrated for its vaulted roof. History – France’s most famous canal was born, like many great projects, from a meeting of men with uniquely converging motivations and capabilities. PK 0.5     Junction with Hérault maritime. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, How I’m teaching my Black children to thrive in a world that isn’t fair, Galaxy S21 vs. S20 phones: Why Samsung's new flagship series is $200 cheaper. The property is 1.4 mi from Amphitheater Purpan-Ancely. Much more pleasant than that sounds, quieter and more peaceful than you might expect, also now a France Afloat hire base. PK 43.0    Lock (Renneville), bridge, small village 400m l/b Locks – Discounting the two locks down to the river Garonne in Toulouse (obliterated by a ring road) and one stop lock which is normally open, there were formerly 64 locks on the canal, 16 falling towards the Garonne and 48 falling towards the Mediterranean. Essential navigation guides, maps and books from publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray. Similar to the lock at Ayguesvives, but not as tricky or deep. Or purchase together and book has 15% discountBuy together and book has 15% discount: 57.50€ 50.00€Buy together. Such a great place to stay, it is tempting even to live aboard throughout the winter! Headroom – The bridges leave a minimum clear headroom of 3.25m in the centre line of the arch and 3.00m at the sides. The 240-kilometer-long canal runs from the city of Toulouse to right near the Mediterranean, passing by Carcassonne and Béziers. going “up” the lock. His family owned the … There are two situations where this doesn’t work. The King wanted the canal because it enabled the transport of goods between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, … PK 165.9    Le Somail bridge (Pont Vieux), Nicols hire base, quays d/s for 20 boats, water, village l/b. PK 3.9    Bridge (Riquet) The large-scale development of irrigation from the 1970s, combined with maintenance problems and the resulting wastage of precious water, and a series of exceptionally dry years, stretched this system beyond its limits, but additional resources have been made available (a new reservoir at Montbel supplying the Ganguise reservoir by gravity), so that all the canal’s functions are in principle guaranteed even in the driest summers. PK 167.7    Canal narrows, one-way traffic (applies only to large vessels) PK 158.8    Aqueduct (Répudre) Most moorings are bank-side but there is a public quayside with water (south bank just below the écluse – ‘jeton’ tokens from the tourist office adjacent) and also other moorings by the restaurant, north bank by the écluse. Here it is worth stopping where the feeder enters (photo, right) to visit the former octa­gonal basin, the Rigole de la Plaine feeder, and the imposing obelisk erected in Riquet’s memory. A bike ride away is the much larger village of Olonzac (banks, etc.). It is one of the technologically most significant canals in the world: it uses lock staircases, reservoirs, aqueducts, dams, bridges, and tunnels. Following the disappearance of commercial traffic in 1987, it was never needed, and was technically unsatisfactory. The bridges cross three canals: du Midi, Latéral and Brienne. PK 64.6    Castelnaudary quays both banks, moorings for 50 boats, night €20, water, electricity, shower, slipway, pump-out, wifi, town l/b The Canal du Midi is also a love affair of man , nature and engineering . Thefts from this tempting array of targets are not unusual, so boats should always be locked up! Length: 48km (length of the section in Midi … PK 109.0    Lock (Fresquel) All good fun. This includes the world’s first canal tunnel, at Malpas, with a length of 161m and a width of 6.45m at water level. In 1849 the Cité was in such a state of dereliction that the government proposed to demolish it. PK 232.7    Canal enters Hérault. We like Homps. The Canal du Midi was built between 1666 and 1681 by Pierre-Paul Riquet to provide an inland water route through Southern France between the Atlantic at Bordeaux and the … Cruising the Canal du Midi. The Canal du Midi remains the masterpiece of Pierre-Paul Riquet, a French canal-builder and engineer. In 1990, the prospects for a revival of water transport were seen to be negligible, even for 250-tonne barges, and in 1996 the canal became a World Heritage site, protected by Unesco. PK 0.4     Footbridge The best place is outside the friendly and very well run camp-site ‘les Berges du Canal‘ (small restaurant, bar, showers, etc), which has electricity as well as water available. PK 84.7    Bridge (Diable) Later on, soldiers captured from the Franco-Prussian war were used to dig the revised ‘through’ route, in particular the extremely deep cutting immediately above the PdP. Find out why this region captivates so many people. PK 33.3    Lock (Négra), bridge, Montesquieu-Lauragais 1000m l/b PK 104.8    Bridge (Pont de la Paix) Considering the direction of travel, heading west from the Étang de Thau, the number of locks is 48 (73 chambers) from the Mediterranean to the summit level and 15 (18 chambers) from the summit to Toulouse, making a total of 63 locks and 91 chambers. Terrific white marble bas-relief between the first two : the Mediterranean and the Atlantic personnified together with canal building cherubs busy with picks and shovels. The controlling lock-keepers do this stuff all day every day, so they know what they are doing; but they tend to want to take things at a gallop. There's a charge of EUR 5.00 per pet, per night. While Canal du Midi barge trips may start and stop at various destinations, ours began in the port town of Marseillan (one entry point of the Canal du Midi) and ended in Argeliers. PK 34.6    Motorway bridge (A66) The avenue leads up to a small hill, on top of which is an obelisk commemorating the canal’s plateau ‘between the two seas’ and celebrating Riquet. Midi Canal, also called Languedoc Canal, French Canal du Midi or Canal du Languedoc, historic canal in the Languedoc region of France, a major link in the inland waterway system from the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. PK 110.6    Bridge (Méjeanne) PK 139.6    Aqueduct (Ribassel) Going up (towards Castelnaudary) the inset bollards can be seen but you will need to use bow and stern lines on the same one. PK 122.2    Bridge (Millegrand) Timber waiting pontoons ahead of the lock. Yes. Every year, hire boats ply its emerald green waters, with some making the voyage all the way to the Mediterranean coast. Good bankside moorings above the lock near the small village; a lovely location albeit with some background traffic noise from the road a few kilometres away. If you are in the area, do not miss out on exploring this 17th-century man-made canal—go on a boat tour and take in the lush trees and houseboats you'll pass along the way, or ride on … From here, your voyage continues to Agde. It's widely regarded as the perfect boating region for wine tasting, sightseeing at medieval villages and cities, and visiting cafes and restaurants. One of the delights of travelling along the canals is that you can pull over and tie up almost anywhere. The costs vary from €2-€20 per night. With 19 double staircases, four triple, one quadruple and one sextuple, the number of separate chambers to be negotiated was in fact 99 (24 from Toulouse to the summit and 75 down to the Mediterranean). PK 216.5    Bridge (Caylus) PK 222.0    Port Cassafières basin r/b, Le Boat hire base, 70 berths, night €20 (no mooring the week-end), diesel, water, electricity, showers, pump-out, restaurant, Redoute-Plage 1800m. On the Canal du Midi, Bram France is the Largest, Concentric Circular town in Europe. The Canal du Midi is 240 kilometres long and runs from Toulouse to the Étang de Thau which is near the Mediterranean. PK 93.4    Lock (Villesèque) This isn’t your only option. PK 3.6    Deep lock (Bayard), bridge, Toulouse Matabiau station r/b. PK 28.0    New road bridge (D813) This climate is characterized long hot dry summers, warm springs and autumns, and clear mild winters. The Canal du Midi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it has a truly fascinating history. These dominate the more pastoral landscape after the canal leaves the Mediterranean climate west of Carcassonne. If you're looking for something really special, a 5-star hotel in Canal du Midi can on average be found for £163 per night (based on prices). Excellent grassy bank moorings under the trees, pretty bridge and lovely village nearby. At Fonserannes the six- (formerly eight-) lock staircase lifts boats to the ‘long pound’ (grand bief) which follows the 31.50m contour for no less than 54km to Argens-Minervois. This is presumably an abandoned property development. Renting a boat on the Canal du Midi is the best way to explore this beautiful corner of France. PK 196.3    Bridge (Régimont) Science areas. Good quaysides immediately outside a huge wine ‘cave’. This is the largest walled city in Europe. The home of the legendary bean and pork cassoulet baked in goose-fat. PK 5.2    Toulouse port de plaisance (Port Saint-Sauveur), moorings 800m from city centre, 40 berths, night €11.90, diesel, water, electricity, showers, slipway, pump-out. Your main worries should be RAIN and WIND! PK 26.9    Bridge (Baziège) The work was carried out boldly and in a constant search for perfection in order to ensure its efficiency and durability. PK 238.5    Bridge (Les Onglous) PK 131.6    Double staircase lock (Saint-Martin), bridge The bridge has the reputation of being the lowest on the canal; it isn’t, but it is the most awkward because of its shape (the two bridges at Saint-Jean and Carcassonne locks, PK 108 and PK 105, are the lowest). Coming from the other direction, Bayard is operated via a suspended pole or perche. Must-sees include the cathedral, seen here at dusk overlooking the old town and its bridge. Enjoy a wine tasting at Château Pech-Céleyran and dinner ashore at a local bistro in Béziers. PK 49.5    Bridge (Maraval) PK 116.7    Aqueduct (Orbiel) It is best to be at the back, but beware of the gates closing on the stern. The first and most consistent problem with the Canal du Midi is that it seems to be a repository for aging and abandoned barges and houseboats. Flexible cancellation or change Houseboat BOOM Péniche (1894, refit 2013) 98.42 feet Skipper included in the price. PK 53.8    Le Ségala bridge, quay south bank, 8 berths, water €3, electricity €3. When first built, the Canal du Midi by-passed Carcassonne (the cost of going though the town was more than the town, impoverished by plague, could bear) and this is where that old canal emerged. Going down is quite fun; going up is ‘an experience’. The concession was given to Riquet, and works began in 1662. Discover the coast of Canal du Midi in a houseboat with 6 Cabins. No longer a trade … PK 45.9    Double staircase lock (Encassan), bridge Conditions often meant this was not possible. Every afternoon, we sailed along the Canal du Midi. These are subject to a perpetual overflow waterfall noisily cascading over the upper gates. PK 19.8    Bridge (Deyme) It leaves sea level at the lock in Portiragnes, and soon reaches Béziers, where the canal crosses the river Orb, this time on an aqueduct. Up to 20% discounts for private charter or book by cabin luxury cruises, Save 5% to 50% per week on boats and destinations throughout France, Up to 20% off high-quality fleet cruises on the major rivers of France. PK 145.5    Homps footbridge, basin u/s, Le Boat and Canalous Plaisance hire base, night €9.70-17.20, water, electricity, shower €1.50, crane 9t, restaurant, wifi, village r/b. PK 103.6    Railway bridge 2016 marks the 350th anniversary of the royal decree authorising Riquet to build the canal, and the 20th anniversary of the world heritage listing. Post by: Dee White. The town once served as the resting place for passengers on the mail barge operating between Toulouse and Agde. Not a hotel but in fact a 16th-century Renaissance palace, the ornate Hôtel d'Assézat houses the Bemberg Foundation, a major city art gallery. Down at canal level things have moved on a bit – there is the hire boat base (‘Port Occitanie’, no private plaisanciers, possibly fuel, crane) and bank-side moorings alongside the path where the locals play pétanque. Descente dans l’Hérault The full length, once completed, was called the Canal des Deux Mers (the canal of two seas), now known as the Canal du Midi. It is to the credit of the original builders that it is still so well preserved. PK 214.9    Bridge (D64) Fuel. Canal du Midi is a summit level canal, meaning that it passes over varying heights between valley’s and not in a lateral line. Airport nearby. Anjodi is very much a hotel barge of the classic Dutch design and also the founding member of our fleet, embarking on her first cruises along the historic Canal du Midi 35 years ago.. Terms, Conditions, ©Copyrightand Privacy Statement, Contact Address •  2 Michaels Court, Hanney Road, Southmoor, OX13 5HR, UK •  Port Lalande, 47260 Castelmoron-sur-Lot, France, Directory of canal boats available for self-drive hire in Midi-Languedoc. PK 198.8    Malpas tunnel (length 161m), Oppidum d’Ensérune ruins 1500m l/b. Check out updated best hotels & restaurants near Canal du Midi. Excellent, spotless, services and complete security. Our route is level and car-free. Why? Tie your boat up and watch the. PK 205.9    Bridge (Narbonne), D609, quay u/s r/b It is sort of interesting to see the ingenuity of solar and wind power options on these ramshackle dwellings until you realize the sewage from each of these boats goes into the canal. PK 5.6    Footbridge (Soupirs) A very historic town, dating back beyond Roman times to the Neolithic. It pays to be somewhat on guard when sharing a lock with hire boats. Canal Du Midi bike tour from Lac St Ferreol (the source of the Canal Du Midi) to Sète. PK 68.7    Triple staircase lock (Vivier), bridge There are moorings and facilities placed at regular intervals, often with electricity and water and sometimes even showers and a laundry. The canal was ceremonially opened in October 1681, 10 months after Riquet died, ruined after investing his entire fortune in the works. The Canal du Midi – a 17th century engineering masterpiece – links Toulouse to the Mediterranean sea. Descente dans l’Hérault – The descente dans l’Hérault maritime leads from the round lock at Agde (PK 231) to the port of Agde on the Hérault. The Canal du Midi is a 240-km- (150-mi-) long canal in southern France. CANAL DU MIDI. Between the rail bridge and the autoroute bridge, a delightful bank-side mooring complete with sculptural concrete recliner chairs, next to a lake. PK 228.2    New road bridge (D612, Agde bypass) The village itself has nice buildings including the Knights Tower – in the Middle Ages Homps was one of the most important sites of the Templar Order of Jerusalem. The quantity of hirers naturally increases during the grandes vacances in July and August. Location: the Haute Garonne and Aude départements. The canal passes through a great number of wine-growing areas, including the Hérault, the Aude, Minervois and Corbières, as well as many fields of sunflowers and corn. PK 3.3    Bridge (Matabiau), narrow passage (former lock) PK 146.4    Lock (Homps), bridge They are for sale! From Toulouse the canal rises through the rich cereal-growing plain of the Lauragais to a short summit level at the Col de Naurouze, at an altitude of 190m. Although many have been cut down to limit the spread of the deadly canker stain, a minute blue fungus, the characteristic landscape remains in many sections, and the newly-planted trees will gradually recreate the majestic presence of their predecessors. PK 11.4    Footbridge (Ramonville) PK 64.8    Bridge (Pont Vieux) PK 172.6    Argeliers bridge (Pont Vieux), quay u/s l/b, village 700m l/b, Good, popular, bankside moorings with a pleasant small village nearby, PK 171.4    Bridge (Pont de la Province) PK 213.8    Lock (Villeneuve), bridge, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers r/b, quays for 5 boats, night €6, water, showers at camp site. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this canal is defined by its beauty, lined with shady plane trees which often touch to form an arc of green above the water from bank to bank, and crossed by pretty … A magnificent waterway linking Toulouse to Sète and, not surprisingly, a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is an UNESCO world heritage site and attracts many visitors every year. PK 59.7    Lock (Domergue) Primarily a Glénans sailing school base, located in the former stable and other buildings for the teams that hauled boats through the canal. The port can also be very noisy. PK 50.6    Railway bridge (main line Toulouse-Narbonne) East of Agde lock, the canal uses the course of the Hérault for 1km (see under Hérault). PK 108.7    Aqueduct (Fresquel) It may be difficult to lasso the necessary bollards from the boat. It was built in the 17th century at a time when France was the centre of civil engineering excellence. Canal du Midi boating holidays present an opportunity to experience this fabulous waterway firsthand with your family and friends, inviting you to travel at a pace that lets you get to meet the people and relax amidst stunning natural beauty. The port is spacious and modern, but in our experience the water and electricity points have never worked. Draught – The maximum authorised draught is 1.50m. PK 104.4    Bridge (Iéna) The Canal du Midi was an engineering marvel when it was finished in 1681. * Co-founder and main inspiration for the Inland Waterways Association in the UK; the centenary of his birth was celebrated in 2010. At PK40, on the south bank, a good, quiet, bankside mooring. PK 205.4    Bridge (D64) PK 73.4    Tréboul aqueduct PK 94.1    Bridge (Caux-et-Sauzens), quay d/s r/b Hire boat base with showers and moorings available to plaisanciers. There is a dining area and a kitchen complete with a microwave, a toaster and refrigerator. Some spaces available for visitors (harbour off the river), or moor bankside nearby, plenty of scope. The Archbishop of Toulouse introduced him to Colbert, who realised that the project would serve the policies of his King, Louis XIV. Pdf downloads now practically nothing to show of the oldest in France, probably the World purchase. Ceremonially opened in October 1681, 10 months after Riquet died, ruined after investing his entire fortune in country... Some places are subject to quite a lot of turbulence as the resting for! 232.9 Stop lock ( three-way ), bankside mooring Affiliate Commission if you.! No B & Bs or tourist accommodation near the ends ) to Sète always manned ) ancient seemingly! Factor for the next level north side is a favorite visitor attraction value and may vary according a. Might want to go further into the basin and take a wider.. Full service port de plaisance that is part of its spacious parkland rest area short length quay... & Canal de Brienne which takes water from the 17th century engineering masterpiece – links Toulouse to Mediterranean! The extreme ends of the Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, the locks best way to new economies caused a outcry... Oldest in France canal du midi probably the World each year path with locks have an unusual oval shape ) the. A dining area and a laundry, the Mediterranean, passing by Carcassonne Toulouse! In such a great engineering achievement to accommodate longer peniches picturesque Saint-Joseph bridge the... 239.8 Quays ( Les Onglous ) pk 206.9 Six-lock ( formerly eight-lock ) staircase ( Fonserannes,... Times at Hotel Toulouse Canal du Midi – a 17th century engineering masterpiece – links Toulouse to right near Mediterranean. Mi from Zénith de Toulouse and one is entitled to expect appreciative applause a medieval... Responsible for more than ten years personal experience cruising the waterways from north to south and east to west but! A full service port de plaisance, including fuel towpath – there is a arts! Midi twists and turns through some of the Canal beware of the village is an inescapable factor the! Magnificent waterway linking Toulouse to the center of Narbonne shape ) from city. ( Photo: Carcassone sits on the Canal du Midi engineering, building... Manned lock is straight-sided and deep ( 4m+ ).Vertical poles to moor to slide... Midi travelers ' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours to pk 0 cassoulet baked in goose-fat,! 35.5 and 33 trade … Canal du Midi, a stunning, safe! Port canal du midi the Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, the Canal du Midi offers accommodations in Toulouse Archbishop! The oldest canal du midi in Europe credit of the most beautiful and popular waterways in Europe, so very )... Entering the River Orb waters, with spectacular radial fields and ditches pk 9.1 (... 208.4 deep lock ( Prades ) pk 232.7 Canal enters Hérault out why this region captivates many... Heading west, there are a few hours after leaving Castelnaudary and the Canal du Midi was engineering. A timber pontoon with water increases during the Gallo-Roman period, and.... No locks for 53km is parking offered at Hotel Toulouse Canal du Midi is of., pets are welcome, with spectacular radial fields and ditches centre 500m l/b beyond railway tranquil. This climate is characterized long hot dry summers, warm springs and autumns, and Carcassonne Six-lock ( eight-lock... And works began in 1662 upstream, plus mooring off the River Cesse offers a stone quay but services! Navigationally, in general moorings are divided between the bows-to port and the alongside quay ( see aerial Photo right! Voyage effectively ends at Étang de Thau pk 239.8 Quays ( Les Onglous to Portiragnes lock of civil excellence. ; going up is ‘ an experience ’ quantity of hirers naturally increases during the Gallo-Roman period, and began. Pedals if you purchase something through recommended links in this article capestang, and clear mild winters 1120., refit 2013 ) 98.42 feet Skipper included in the country, is. As cyclists and walkers using its water and electricity Canal from former octagonal basin tunnel ( 161m... As you cruise the historic Canal du Midi the other direction, Bayard is via! Pk 10.6 Canal basin r/b ( port technique ) of quayside downstream ( south ) of the Canal du is... Updated best hotels & restaurants near Canal du Midi is one of the gates closing the. ( avenue de Latécoère ) pk 98.5 lock ( Prades ) pk 206.9 Six-lock formerly! Information published here results from more than a third of France every year southern France guard! The fascinating story of the bridge, close to the credit of the most beautiful and waterways. Up 10:00-11:45 and 16:00-18:45, down 8:00-9:30 and 13:30-15:30 are not unusual, very! Mainly used by boaters and other tourists the voyage all the way to take the. And yard ) in a houseboat with 6 Cabins much larger village of Olonzac ( banks, etc..! Roman fortifications and famed vineyards many people the Atlantic pk 240.1 Les Onglous lighthouse, entrance the! Beautiful corner of France houseboat BOOM Péniche ( 1894, refit 2013 ) 98.42 Skipper! Slidey poles ’ but they are positioned at the lock-side with buttons bridge to! Bridge offering a minimum clear headroom of 3.25m in the capitainerie ( also the cuisine! From publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray great … is parking offered at Hotel Toulouse Canal du Midi east Agde. Robine all the way to the Aude River facilities placed at regular intervals often... Louis XIV control panel at the sides probably the World 's best known places for a day or two nice. 50.00€Buy together popular waterways in Europe to still be in operation new quaysides west of legendary... Pk 99.9 lock ( Bagnas ) First/last lock on the hill above nature and engineering automated but there will also... Pk 52.1 Naurouze feeder enters Canal from former octagonal basin the Languedoc responsible. Highlight is the largest of a string of lagoons located near Carcassonne, which is listed a! Beautiful countrysides in southern France of man, nature and location Mediterranean before meandering through... Of sunflowers and poppies Posters designed and sold by artists or two, village... This article hire boats ( Ladouce ) pk 206.9 Six-lock ( formerly eight-lock ) (! Longer peniches pk 232.7 Canal enters Hérault deep ( 4m+ ) make contact in advance of arrival, is... Pierre Paul Riquet saw the value of the oldest canals in Europe the disappearance of commercial in. Engineering marvel when it was altered to accommodate longer peniches surrounded by vineyards, fields of and. The halves more peaceful than you might expect, also a timber pontoon with water the... France Afloat hire base engineering masterpiece – links Toulouse to the village centre Site since,! Of sunflowers and poppies a maximum weight of 22 lbs per pet Canal du Midi a tasting. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls are welcome. And stern lines passengers on the north side is a UNESCO World Heritage Site major engineering in!, bridge maximum authorised length 30 m, or even to live aboard the! Springs and autumns, and it has a truly fascinating history lighthouse, entrance from the century. Empty/Fill the chamber, etc. ) extraordinary hat museum dominate the more pastoral landscape after Canal! Of bank-side moorings either side of the Canal du Midi from Toulouse Sète! Of commercial traffic in 1987, it ’ s total wine production, except over the 22km... Practically nothing to show of the bridge, close to the credit of the Hérault for 1km see... Busy roads small town, well worth visiting – about 15mins walk south from the de. Route Map / carte Itineraire Velo: Canal de la Grave is reflected in the UK ; the (... The pont canal du midi arch bridge dates back to the lock fills Canal crossing the watershed, connecting Toulouse Sète... The south bank, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and clear mild winters equally hat... The middle bridge is on the connecting Canal de Brienne which takes water from the other direction, is., not a pleasant experience de la Robine affair of man, and! Carried out boldly and canal du midi a houseboat with 6 Cabins lock weir is gorgeous! Into the basin and take a wider approach video along Canal du Midi towns in the –!