@Jiwon, yes I'm blaming the script. It was recorded as to how they started as a youth and it will be a continuous journey as they take the path of their own lives. Well i have loved this show from the start but I'm beginning to hate the way Hae Hyo is being pushing on his best friends' girl. park bogum never, never, never fails to amaze me every damn time. I liked the family storia top, how the mothers interact. Jennie Aug 15 2020 12:16 pm Rin Oct 04 2020 11:20 am So bogum is really trying to make it different from the way he speaks, his voice and body language. What a promising start destroyed by poorly thought out characters, clichés and bad dialogue. She could have just simply went on with exposing their relationship on her live video if she was so sad about it but she chose not to. Great dramaaa, Minsu Oct 09 2020 8:39 am Though, I don't blame her to act the way she does with Hae Hyo. Fighting ROY. Just like "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", the beauty of a drama (or the chemistry between or among actors) is in the "eye of the viewer". I love Park Bo Gum. Jane Oct 29 2020 10:18 am Selain tayang di tvN, Record of Youth juga dapat disaksikan melalui saluran Netflix. so far im completely in love with the story annd the characters! I can’t wait, love him so much ❤️. I know now to never rate or give reviews about a drama until I've completed at least 75% of it. PBG is also the same, he knew PSD still likes him but is denying it, just like their first meeting. Really, really, really unnecessary sub-plots. Stay safe and be healthy oppa, fighting Record of youth! Also stop hating on hae hyo, yes he has feelings for his best friends girlfriend but he hasn't acted or told her about it yet, hae hyo is the one always there for jeong ha, he was the first person to get a celebrity client for her and making sure her business does well. what a beautiful ending. I see his acting career blooming after this drama. Don't forget this tagline. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; You got this realization that this age is dang complicated. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Record_of_Youth&oldid=1206960, declining chemistry between leads; for me, the bromance between hye jun & hae hyo was better than PBG and PSD's hshhs, awkward acting ni park so dam ((Opinion Only)), i mean, there were some scenes that could've been better. PBG sometimes appears to be childish rather than manly, he needs to get rid of that extra sway motion from neck up. But this is not a love story, that is just one part of it, this a story about the life records of the 4 youths. She’s pressuring him and basically running his life for him. I've seen more realistic and good dramas. Looking forward to the next episodes. She works for him and she could tell he was dealing with something. Lorella Masseria Nov 14 2020 1:40 am I think.. this drama deserved higher rating than now.. h Sep 18 2020 1:15 am Candiland Oct 28 2020 5:49 pm I know she has flaws, but she should’ve stayed strong and by his side when he hasn’t given up in their relationship. I watched this at one go, but even that didn't make me feel that the events were happening for 2 years. Lol! The reason why I wouldn't jump on the HH bandwagon is because this character is so pathetic. Love from Egypt. Just finished watching ep 1-4..and really like it.. can’t wait to watch the next episodes on Netflix! Jasmine Sep 07 2020 7:10 am The only reason why i still watch this is because of park bo gum and his character. I'm definitely looking forward to it. First, she only let him take her to the corner, then to the front door, now he is inside the apartment and this all signifies a shift in her feelings towards HH for me. Kawaiifhenk Sep 07 2020 12:32 pm Then, it got awkward with the whole phone call situation. I'm I the only one who thinks hye jun success story is quite similar to bogum's, I literally thought the script was written specifically for him but then I remembered Jang ki yong was first offered the role but declined. I'm find both of them cute together >.<. and they didn't even explain how everyone's life went on after the 2 year. Good choice of casts. My guy is literally perfect. GO N WATCH RECORD OF YOUTH NOW!! I don't understand people who want them to end up together. they're gonna ruin this drama with the typical love triangle bullcrap. I really think people should see this kdrama and realise the struggles and the ups nd downs of it too because we all know it’s not all glamorous. He should stop his one sided love, but if feelings could be control he wouldn't have fall for her to begin with. I'm more excited what will happen to Hyejun's carreer. Deea Oct 20 2020 11:50 am I feel like i am actually pulling myself to finish the episodes and i speed it up too. Here’s a lighthearted youth drama all the millennials and Gen-Z kids will be able to relate to. It give me some sort of positive vibes especially with their mature relationship. The ending of the drama broke my heart. To me this imply that he loves her but he can also be absent minded (add to that the lack of skin contact after epi 8). It aired on tvN from September 7 to October 27, 2020, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 (KST), and is available for streaming worldwide on Netflix. for what's going to happen to them in the next next episode. But i hate jeongha manager. Let’s start with the weak points as pointed out by some fans. You must see this drama♥️. meh Oct 27 2020 12:40 am Not enough air time for the other actor. And the story can describe well about how to reach our dreams especially in entertainment field. Look at what she does with her daughter. I just hope it's a happy ending because I don't want to see any of them get hurt, they're all so precious. a bit boring... rebreb Sep 10 2020 1:51 am It's not good, neither for her agency nor for Hye Jun. I think Ah, should have fought it out. Best drama for me. would have dropped this drama if it weren’t for Park Bo Gum ? Omg!!! Only 3 episodes left and the storyline is getting terrible. BogumNoona Jun 28 2020 7:33 am He is the epitome of goodness ❤. The story itself is so realistic. Jeong-Ha just leaves Hye-Jun and goes to her true love Hae-Hyo after Jeong-Ha wins award. Zee Oct 03 2020 9:21 am wohooo park bo gum!!!!! Park Bogum!!!! Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam? Btw, actors were really good, I love park bo gum and so dam but not i didn't like the drama. Hae hyo moms is the most worst act in here. Can you tell us if this drama will air this month or not. Dave Oct 20 2020 2:00 pm I've watched all the 16 eps and I wonder why most of Kdrama's ending or the final episode is being rushed. tvN' Record of Youth. I love both lead so muchhh... Ahhh this year got so many best drama with awesome casts... My 2020 kdrama life is awesomeee.. dkw Jan 10 2020 4:38 am They’re just showing concern and care about their childrens future. SERA Sep 07 2020 8:39 pm Darkeyes28 Sep 29 2020 1:02 pm Also love the cast of this drama and the plot. Too much struggle, makes me sadder during this pandemic. tomorrow will be soon, ROY Oct 04 2020 7:25 am Worth to watch. A desire to succeed in the makeup artist business. Everything doesn't have to be marvelous or dramatic just like some K-dramas always give to us and will never happened in our life. hana Apr 18 2020 11:33 am Take care and love you! it's realistic but not boring. Cant freagin waiiittt. After Hye-Jun the first episode was unbearable for me. So I'm not really complaining about the excessive amount of screen time of Bo Gum's family here because it's too realistic. Winterfairy Jun 01 2020 2:37 pm Jeong Ha never even looked at HH but now she is.. so what? Ordinary story not fantasy but still so good. The story was disaster. I think ppl just watch this bc of PBG. Both leads are pretty good, but I don't think they have chemistry at all. This is why Celebrities can't date normal people because it can never work out, even celebrity to celebrity relationships don't even last because of their busy schedules. Linda Oct 06 2020 4:24 am I don't think Jeong Ah 's truly in love with Hye Jun. Yen Oct 27 2020 8:53 am Anyway I'm looking forward on this drama!!! Hus family belittle him so much with his passion but he never stop reaching his dream. He is a good actor. And the story can describe well about how to reach our dreams especially in entertainment field. park so dam role in this drama may not be the best, but she is such an amazing actress. So yeah, she could've said let me out but that would've made that whole moment even more awkward. Dee Oct 27 2020 9:56 am Byeon Woo Seok as SML actually is so handsome but still i love PBG bcs im bias ...haha. I think Jeong-Ah is better suited to be with Hye-Ho than Hye-Jun. I like Hye jun more and don’t like what Hye hyo is doing, acting on his feelings on his best friends girlfriend but honestly as someone said below she looks more comfortable with Hye hyo kinda. Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam are the best couple ? And PBG being praised for his amazing nano level acting. Why are they keep each other safe? What annoys me the most (apart from selling this wrongly as a romantic story based on the teasers and trailers) therr was such a good build up between HJ and JH love story only for them to drop the ball just like that. Okay, I'm officially disappointed. And now i looked back at the director and realized that I liked all of his works haha. Fighting! Park so dam, is amazing as always but the fan girling doesn't seem very convincing. But this one very very dissapointed if you still want watch watch 15 episode and 30 minutes of 16 th Episode. bhavna Oct 19 2020 2:52 pm dramanatic Sep 19 2020 1:37 pm I know hye jun is busy but jeong ha is also human, she has never been in a relationship or ever being in one with a famous person so how is she supposed to handle the situation especially when she's always kept in the dark. PBG's character is too good of a person to be real, but I'd rather watch people too good for the world than straight-up evil people. Really love their natural chemistry! How great their action and cemistry. I think it's not boring also it's not also exciting but if you think the context or what the stort is, I think it is very good and has a lot of life lessons especially for the youth. I really love how he loves her no matter what. What baffles me is that the 2 leads don't have enough physical affection with each other when they were suppose to be missing each other so much! (SPOILERS) I don't know why a lot of people don't like the ending of this drama. cant wait for the next episode. No chemistry musun. Also whoever gave Byeon Woo-Seok a leading role has made a big mistake. I love the drama some of their scene is close to reality, and how actually the rookie actors fight for their future in showbiz. This is disappointing. han Sep 11 2020 7:14 am I really don't like how this drama keeps jumping around the timeline.